We Care

Perhaps most importantly, Larson & Evenson care.  You all have heard of lawyers who get jaded or burned-out from representing criminals for a long time.  Despite doing this kind of work for 31 years, Larson & Evenson still treat every case like it is the most important thing in your life, because it is.  

As an example of that attitude, Larson has a policy to return every call within 24 hours of receiving it, no matter what, and has for the entire 31 years he’s practiced law.  And that includes calls over the weekends.  Does your attorney?  Larson’s cell phone number is on their voice message if the office is closed.  Is your attorney's? 

In the area of Personal Injury Law, you absolutely must have a lawyer with experience and compassion, because your opponent, the insurance company, has many advantages but they'll never have the big advantage of passion.  They spend their lives making sure people get less than they're entitled to, while Larson & Evenson get to fight for justice.  You need experience AND commitment, and at Larson & Evenson you’ll get passionate representation from someone who's worked on hundreds of car-crash cases as well as slip-and-fall accident cases, products liability cases, and has been successful in representing people in everything from small injury cases to auto and airplane crash fatalities.  

How can they still care after doing hundreds of criminal cases a year for 30 years?  Several reasons—Larson credits his mother for instilling empathy and a sense of responsibility, and the fact that he takes time for himself, enjoying reading and playing basketball and/or golf most days, and has careers outside the practice of law, (coaching high school basketball; running the summer basketball leagues called Prime Time and Game Time; owning and operating 2 restaurants called Monica's and Bob's your Uncle), so he has a full life outside of the practice of law).... but one of the most important reasons is that they only take certain kinds of criminal cases: 


Driving while revoked or barred or suspended;

Simple Possession of drugs;



Public intoxication;

Possession of alcohol as a minor;

Fake ID;

Traffic offenses;

and similar offenses. 

They don't represent anyone charged with dealing drugs, or assaults by men against women (unless the woman involved asks them to help him), or murder.  So they don't often deal with hardened criminals--they deal with ordinary people who have made a mistake and need someone to help them get through it in the very best way possible. 

These kinds of cases strike some lawyers as penny-ante cases; not important enough for a great attorney, some think.  Larson disagrees.  He says he finds it extremely gratifying to help a good person survive a difficult time in their life, and especially to help them achieve the kind of result that minimizes the adverse impact of their charge, such as getting the charges reduced, or dismissed, or being granted a deferred judgment so they end up with no conviction on their record. Helping a scumbag get off scot-free isn't his life; helping someone who is truly sorry for any mistake they've made get treated proportionally, fairly and with justice, is.  He says he’s always squarely on your side, because God knows the police and the prosecutor don't often care what happens to you, and he know he’s sometimes ALL you have on your side.  All you have to do is talk to any of their clients to know they're telling the truth when they say "We care." 

Luckily for you, there's thousands of clients out there to ask!  Which is the best way to find a lawyer.

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