In a Criminal Defense case, these are the services you'll receive:    

1.  Guidance and Strategy:  They'll guide you through the whole criminal case process with a strategy that takes into account your individual facts and how those affect the law's requirements for you.  One of the reasons this is so important is that the law often makes distinctions based on your particular facts.  So you can’t just ask someone who’s had an OWI what to do, because their facts might have been different in a particular way that changes your strategy altogether.  Each case demands different strategies and requires you to do different things, and they'll help you do it the best, cheapest, least-anxiety-producing way that often affects the outcome of your case in court.  

2.  What Plea to Make?:  They'll help you decide whether to plead guilty or not, once you get to that point where they've seen the evidence, evaluated it, discussed possible plea bargains with the prosecutor and discussed with you what your chances might be of winning the trial, and what the difference might be between the sentence you'd get if you plead guilty, and what you might get if you go to trial and lose, and they'll tell you exactly what the cost of a trial would be.  They'll give you an express opinion as to 4 issues:  whether you can win the trial, what it would cost, what your sentence will be if you plead guilty, and what it might be if you lose the trial (unpredictable as that may be.)  

3.  Sentencing:  And if you do plead guilty, they'll get you the very best outcome possible at sentencing, which is one of those times where you'll be glad to have an experienced, caring and wise attorney totally on your side, telling you what to say, answering whatever the prosecutor says, and arguing to the Judge ALL mitigating circumstances, often taking into consideration what that particular judge specifically cares most about.  Oftentimes their advice to defendants about things to do BEFORE sentencing is critical to getting a fair and proportional sentence.  Once the sentencing order is received, every client gets a personal letter not only telling them what the sentence was, in plain English, but also telling them exactly how to do everything that's required, whether it's paying a fine, going to jail, signing up for probation, doing community service, going to prison, writing a letter of apology, or anything else required.   

In a Personal Injury case, their services encompasses all of the work required to prove your claim, including the proper amount of damages, and negotiating a settlement or taking the case to trial.  All successful claims require proof of liability, consequences and damages and proving all these things must be done comprehensively and carefully.  

It is very important to get advice about personal injury cases early, because mistakes made then can be un-fixable.  For example, if you fail to get all the medical care you need, the insurance company will argue that your symptoms would have been much less severe if you had.  Or, if you fail to document your pain or missed work, it can be difficult to prove it later.  Or, if you go to the wrong kind of doctor, you may have problems proving your injuries.  Getting proper damages depends on being able to prove liability, consequences and damages and proof of all three can be lost if not secured promptly.

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