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In 2016, Larson & Evenson negotiated a settlement of $1,000,000 for a farmer and his wife when the farmer was hit from behind by a drunk driver.  With medical expenses of only $58,000 and luckily, no work time lost at the farmer's in-town job, this represented a great result.  We believe the medical care we facilitated enabled the plaintiffs to show a permanent injury, despite his ability to keep working and keep his farm.  Also, we believe our 5 decades of experience working with injured parties combined with representing more than 7000 drunk drivers over the last 34 years, enabled us to dramatically show what the result of a jury trial against this drunk driver would be like, causing the insurance company to offer a very fair settlement rather than risk a trial. 

Here's a sample case from a previous year: Auto accident Aug 2006

$500,000 settlement from a car crash on Dubuque St in Iowa City wherein our client had only $19,000 or so in medical expenses but significant injuries, including seizures that had not resolved at the time of settlement. Given that he was not incapacitated from work and had no other economic losses, this was a very good result.

Motorcycle accident in Washington County, settled in July 2012

Larson & Evenson recovered the policy limits of $100,000 for this client, who was struck by a car while riding a motorcycle on the highway.  The amount paid for his medical expenses was about $21,000 so to get the full amount available of $100,000 was particularly good, especially for a motorcyclist because many adjusters feel like there is less sympathy for a motorcycle rider from juries.  

2 Automobile crashes for one client   Dec 2012

Larson & Evenson recovered $25,000 for this client who was the innocent victim of 2 automobile crashes 6 weeks apart that caused her soft tissue injuries only.  Because both defendant insurance companies could allege blame for her injuries was due to the other crash, this was a good settlement.  

Construction accident   July 2012

Larson & Evenson recovered $25,000 for this client who fell off a wall while helping a friend build a house.  Worker's compensation did not cover him and the issue of comparative fault and lack of significant injuries made this a good settlement.  Other law firms had turned the case down entirely.  

Victim of assault by drunken assailant in Story County   June 2012  

Larson & Evenson recovered $25,000 from the insurance company for a bar under dram shop liability theory for a man who was beaten in his driveway after an altercation with 2 drunk young men.  Both liability and damages were very much in dispute, as the Plaintiff had not gone to a doctor even once after his initial ER visit where he was diagnosed only with bruises and lacerations, and it was difficult to prove the attackers had not gotten drunk elsewhere than the bar because they had stopped off at parties afterward.  The attackers had no resources or insurance to contribute.

Motorcycle accident   April 2011  $25,000

Larson & Evenson took this case because the client was a former player for Larson.  When his insurance company tried to settle the property damage part of the case before Larson got the case, the other driver's insurance company claimed plaintiff should be held to be 40% at fault, under Iowa's comparative fault law, and the arbitrator agreed.  In the settlement achieved by Larson & Evenson, that argument did not prevail, as the plaintiff did not bear any fault.  With medical expenses of $5,000, and no other elements of damages except pain and suffering, the $25,000 settlement was a good one. 

Bicycle struck by car case    April 2012     $23,000

Larson & Evenson recovered $23,000 for a bicyclist who was hit at night by a car leaving a parking lot.  With $3700 in medical costs, and no lost income, and a broken leg that healed fully, this was a good settlement from an insurance company that initially claimed the accident was fully the bicyclist's fault and refused any settlement.