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Free Initial Consultation

Always, you are welcome to a free initial consultation so you can meet your lawyer, see the office, and talk about your case comprehensively before deciding if you want to have them represent you.  That meeting (which can be done on the phone if you want) will include explaining your court papers to you, telling you what they would try to do for you, and explaining all the things you'll have to do during your case. You will be quoted a fee for your case and discuss different ways of paying it.  

All CRIMINAL cases are done for a set fee which is paid in advance, but is different from a retainer where the fee may go up if the attorney uses all the retainer up.  A set fee is a guaranteed fee that pays for all the work necessary for proper representation on your case.  It typically doesn't include the fee for trial or for things that you may choose later to do, such as a motion to suppress evidence, but otherwise covers everything that needs to be done in the usual case.

It is very important to get advice about PERSONAL INJURY cases early, because mistakes made then can be un-fixable.  For example, if you fail to get all the medical care you need, the insurance company will argue that your symptoms would have been much less severe if you had.  Or, if you fail to document your pain or missed work, it can be difficult to prove it later.  Or, if you go to the wrong kind of doctor, you may have problems proving your injuries.  Getting proper damages depends on being able to prove liability, consequences and damages and proof of all three can be lost if not secured promptly. 

For example, for an OWI:

They'll tell you where and when to go for your required alcohol evaluation; 

Discuss your right to appeal your license suspension; 

Help you decide when and if to do a Kirkwood weekend alcohol program;  

Tell you when you might next need to be in court; 

Predict what range of penalties are likely in your case, including whether you might be likely to get a deferred judgment if you plead guilty;

Explain what you have to do to get a work permit if eligible and whether it might save you $850 on your fine; 

Tell you what you have to do to get your license back after your suspension is over; 

Discuss SR-22 Insurance; 

Tell you exactly what everything you're facing will cost, including, potentially, a $200 civil penalty for your license suspension, $125 for the alcohol evaluation, $350 if you do the Kirkwood Weekend program, $625 civil penalty if you get a deferred judgment or $1250 in fines plus 35% surcharge if you don't, and about $73 a month for a work permit;  

Answer all other questions you may have about the firm or your case.  

For a PERSONAL INJURY case, they'll:  

Discuss contingent fee arrangements, which means you pay nothing in attorney fees unless you recover from your claim;

Tell you some Do's and Don'ts while your case is pending;

Listen to your story so that they can start to evaluate whether you have a claim;

Explain the law on your type of accident case; 

Present you with a contract so you can read and consider it;

Answer your questions about paying medical bills, and making insurance claims from your health or car insurance;

Advise you about proper medical care; 

Answer all other questions you may have about the firm or your case.