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Criminal Defense cases are generally taken in Iowa City as set-fee cases.  That fee covers all necessary work for the typical case (see "Services" link), other than trial or rare services such as a Motion to Suppress Evidence. Those would be charged for if a particular case is deemed by the client, in consultation with counsel, to require them.  All set fees are of course refundable at any time, subject to payment for services rendered to that point, at the client's option.  You should never feel like you're stuck with a lawyer just because you've paid.  
Larson charges $700 or $800 for an OWI first offense and most serious misdemeanors.  Aggravated misdemeanors such as OWI 2nd offense are $800 or $900, and Class D felonies like an OWI 3rd are typically $1,000-1,500.  Simple misdemeanors such as public intoxication, false id, paula, etc are usually $400-600. 
Personal Injury cases are almost always undertaken as contingent fee cases, which means the fee is contingent on successful resolution of your claim.  The percentage the attorney is paid is usually 33.3% or one-third.  The client pays no fee unless there is a recovery and the fee is taken out of the recovery at that time.  

Larson firmly believes that with the advantage an injured person has of an experienced advocate making sure the claim is properly presented that the client never actually pays anything for the attorney's services, because they are able to get the client MORE money than they could get without their help, even after deducting their fee from the recovery.  

The client may terminate the contract at any time, for any reason, subject to paying a reasonable fee for services rendered to that point.  You should never feel like you are stuck with an attorney if you are not satisfied.  Expenses of the case, such as for deposing witnesses, copying medical records, filing the suit, etc. are taken out of the recovery also and are undertaken only with the agreement of the client.  In almost every case Larson & Evenson take, they front the cost of the expenses themselves, rather than asking the client to do so.