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Criminal Cases

 Larson believes it can be misleading to look at selected cases, because almost any attorney can have a good result occasionally, similar to how a highlight-film doesn’t tell a recruiter much about a basketball player….anybody can show just their MADE shots!  But here are some very recent cases, to show some examples of results.  

OW22108, Cedar County  Nov 2012

Defendant had been previously sentenced to 60 days in jail with all but 7 suspended for OWI 2nd offense, and was represented by Larson on this probation revocation case caused by a public intoxication charge she got while on that probation.  Despite a record of 5 alcohol violations in the last 3 years, and partly because of the extraordinary progress she’d recently made in alcohol treatment, and other factors, including attorney’s arguments, the State agreed to only 1 day in jail for contempt of court, instead of a revocation or imposition of all or some of the 53 suspended days in jail. 

SRCR97233 and SRCR97568  Nov 2012

Defendant received 2 possession of marijuana charges within a couple of months and Larson successfully obtained a deferred judgment on one and a dismissal of the other.  Getting a deferred judgment means he doesn’t get sentenced to jail or a fine (though he may have a civil penalty, which is the same thing), doesn’t  become ineligible for federally-guaranteed student loans, doesn’t get his driver’s license suspended for 6 months, and doesn’t have a drug conviction on his record.  

11DOTOT0762 and STA0013107  Delaware and Black Hawk Counties

Larson got this speeding ticket dismissed in exchange for community service, which was important to the client because she was on DOT probation for a previous suspension.  This kept the defendant from having her license suspended.  In addition to this dismissal, and because this was the second ticket she’d received while on DOT probation, and the other violation caused a suspension notice, Larson was also successful at the DOT hearing in succeeding in convincing the DOT hearing officer to not suspend her, and her suspension was rescinded.

FECR 092964    July 2011

Defendant was charged with Robbery in the 1st Degree, which is a Class B felony, punishable by a prison term of 25 years.  Due to investigation, depositions and successful plea bargaining with the County Attorney, defendant received a lessening of the charge to a serious misdemeanor, punishable by only up to 1 year in jail  She received a deferred judgment so she has no criminal record now, and the charge will be dismissed upon successful completion of probation, and she was not sentenced to any jail time.  

SR095233    Aug 2012

Defendant was charged with Driving while Revoked, which Attorney Larson convinced the County Attorney to dismiss.  

SMSM 089108  Oct 2012

Defendant was charged with public intoxication and plead guilty at her initial appearance.  Attorney Larson convinced the Judge to set-aside her plea and conviction and later, convinced the County Attorney to dismiss the case.  

SRCR 92630  Sept 2012

Defendant was on probation for 2 years for domestic assault upon his father and had been charged with 4 different probation revocations based on continued drinking and violations of the law while on probation.  At the 3 previous probation revocation hearings, the Court sentenced him to short jail terms, less than 10 days.  At the 4th hearing the State requested 60 days in jail.  The Court's order discharged him from probation with no new jail time to serve, after arguments by Counsel Larson and the controlling case of Anderson vs. State of Iowa. Defendant had completed extensive alcohol counseling and mental health counseling, and the father testified in his behalf.  

OWCR091656  and OWCR098097  Nov 2012

Defendant was sentenced on the charge of OWI 3rd Offense to five years in prison with all but 30 days suspended, and probation.  He then received a Boating while Intoxicated charge and faced Revocation of Probation.  He plead guilty to the Boating while Intoxicated charge and stipulated to the violation of probation.  At sentencing, the State asked for 60 days in jail but after arguments of Counsel Larson about the defendants' progress in alcohol counseling and mitigating circumstances, the District Court Judge sentenced him to only 20 days, concurrent, on each charge, with work release allowed.  When the Jail allowed him only 40 hours of work release, Larson obtained an order from the Court raising that to 55 hours.  
OM74641  Dec 2012  Polk County

Defendant was charged with OWI 2nd offense and plead guilty.  Despite the 7 day mandatory jail term required for all OWI 2nd offenses, his sentence required just 2 days more than the few hours he spent in jail upon arrest, plus a four day alcohol program.  

NTA 0104824  Jan 2013

Defendant was charged with Driving with Suspended, under Code of Iowa 321.218.  By helping the defendant get some unpaid fines paid, and his civil penalties paid to the DOT, Defendant regained his driver's license, and Attorney Larson got the charges dropped.


Here's a sample case from a previous year: Auto accident Aug 2006

$500,000 settlement from a car crash on Dubuque St in Iowa City wherein our client had only $19,000 or so in medical expenses but significant injuries, including seizures that had not resolved at the time of settlement. Given that he was not incapacitated from work and had no other economic losses, this was a very good result.

Motorcycle accident in Washington County, settled in July 2012

Larson & Evenson recovered the policy limits of $100,000 for this client, who was struck by a car while riding a motorcycle on the highway.  The amount paid for his medical expenses was about $21,000 so to get the full amount available of $100,000 was particularly good, especially for a motorcyclist because many adjusters feel like there is less sympathy for a motorcycle rider from juries.  

2 Automobile crashes for one client   Dec 2012

Larson & Evenson recovered $25,000 for this client who was the innocent victim of 2 automobile crashes 6 weeks apart that caused her soft tissue injuries only.  Because both defendant insurance companies could allege blame for her injuries was due to the other crash, this was a good settlement.  

Construction accident   July 2012

Larson & Evenson recovered $25,000 for this client who fell off a wall while helping a friend build a house.  Worker's compensation did not cover him and the issue of comparative fault and lack of significant injuries made this a good settlement.  Other law firms had turned the case down entirely.  

Victim of assault by drunken assailant in Story County   June 2012  

Larson & Evenson recovered $25,000 from the insurance company for a bar under dram shop liability theory for a man who was beaten in his driveway after an altercation with 2 drunk young men.  Both liability and damages were very much in dispute, as the Plaintiff had not gone to a doctor even once after his initial ER visit where he was diagnosed only with bruises and lacerations, and it was difficult to prove the attackers had not gotten drunk elsewhere than the bar because they had stopped off at parties afterward.  The attackers had no resources or insurance to contribute.

Motorcycle accident   April 2011  $25,000

Larson & Evenson took this case because the client was a former player for Larson.  When his insurance company tried to settle the property damage part of the case before Larson got the case, the other driver's insurance company claimed plaintiff should be held to be 40% at fault, under Iowa's comparative fault law, and the arbitrator agreed.  In the settlement achieved by Larson & Evenson, that argument did not prevail, as the plaintiff did not bear any fault.  With medical expenses of $5,000, and no other elements of damages except pain and suffering, the $25,000 settlement was a good one. 

Bicycle struck by car case    April 2012     $23,000

Larson & Evenson recovered $23,000 for a bicyclist who was hit at night by a car leaving a parking lot.  With $3700 in medical costs, and no lost income, and a broken leg that healed fully, this was a good settlement from an insurance company that initially claimed the accident was fully the bicyclist's fault and refused any settlement.