About Larson & Evenson Law Firm

Larson & Evenson Law Firm is an Iowa City law firm owned by Randy Larson, and for 31 years, representing more than 10,000 clients, we've specialized in just two areas of practice:  Personal Injury Law on behalf of injured persons, and Criminal Defense.

In the area of CRIMINAL DEFENSE, Randy Larson personally handled 227 criminal cases in 2012 alone, including more than 150 OWI's.  In the last 31 years, Randy Larson has represented more than 7,000 people charged with a crime. 

     (Click on the link "Criminal Defense Case Histories" for anonymous details of selected cases.)

In the area of PERSONAL INJURY LAW, Randy Larson in 2012 and the first 2 months of 2013, working together with Amy Evenson, achieved settlements or verdicts for 18 victims of accidents resulting in more than $625,000 in payments to clients.

      (Click on the link "Personal Injury Case Histories" for anonymous details of selected cases.)

That many people trusting Larson & Evenson to help them is your best indication of quality representation.  Larson has represented similar numbers of clients EVERY YEAR, for over 30 years.  He co-founded his own firm in 1984, previously known as Johnston, Larson, Potterfield, Zimmerman and Nathanson (the Johnston firm is still an established Iowa City firm), and established Larson & Evenson in 1994 with Amy Evenson.  Larson's firm has been as large as 11 attorneys in the firm at times over the years, and has since 1994 settled on 2 or 3 attorneys as the size firm it prefers. 

Larson & Evenson is conveniently located just 2 blocks east of the Courthouse, at 250 E. Court.  Their beautiful new office, taking up the Court Street side of the ground floor of the Telluride Building at the corner of Linn and Court, allows convenient front-door metered parking although it's just a block from downtown.  The office is open 8-4 Monday through Friday, staffed by their exceptional legal assistant Rebecca McCusker, and evening and weekend appointments are cheerfully made.  



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